Kristopher J. Preacher
Vanderbilt University
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Kristopher J. Preacher

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I am a professor in the Quantitative Methods (QM) program at Vanderbilt University. I am interested in bridging the gap between theory construction and model specification and assessment. Much of my research involves finding ways to apply multivariate statistical techniques to address complex hypotheses with longitudinal and correlational data. Specific interests include factor analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), multilevel modeling (MLM), latent growth curve modeling (LGM), model fit, and the assessment of mediation and moderation effects. My research interests also include multilevel structural equation modeling (MSEM), an emerging paradigm that combines the strengths of MLM and SEM.

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Vanderbiltís full-time or part-time masters program in Quantitative Methods is accepting new applications with a priority deadline of Jan. 3, 2024! Come learn advanced data analytic techniques with us!

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Multilevel Modeling: A Second Course (On Demand). A four-week virtual seminar sponsored by Statistical Horizons, to be held Oct. 14 - Nov. 11, 2024.